John, Hattie Steiger & Joe Shineflew  



John, Hattie & Joe Shineflew(brother)

The second family to be added to the Founder's Fund is John and Hattie Steiger. John and his family were early settlers in the Jackson Township.

A son of Jacob and Sophia Steiger, John was born March 22, 1873 at Huntsville Illinois, and came to Nebraska in 1884. His parents settled on a farm northwest of Wood River.

His father died when he was young so it befell to him to take over the farming. In time John expanded his farming to include more land and to raising hogs along with the row crops.

In the late 1920's John moved into Wood River. On August 23, 1929 he married Hattie Cole of Holyoke, Colorado.

Hattie was born March 2, 1875 in Richardson County where she grew to womanhood. On March 2 1892 she married George Moffitt. They lived in various towns in Richardson County

where George was a stone mason. Two children were born to this union, Lana and Harvey. George died from typhoid fever in 1900.

Hattie was a nurse who practiced her profession in the various towns she lived. She was also a seamstress, who did professional sewing.

Hattie and John were a thrifty couple who brought their love of the land to town. They would raise a big garden and in the fall they could show off a basement full of canned goods. In the fall John would cut his corn and build the corn shocks.

They lived a block from a granddaughter and her husband, Cecelia and Tom Wagoner. They were close to family and enjoyed family gatherings. Both were active members of the Wood River Methodist Church.

John enjoyed his "great-grandchildren" and spent hours telling them stories about the Indiana of early days.

Hattie was a good cook and housekeeper, and is still remembered for her pies and for the nice table she would set.

John suffered a stroke at his home July 10, 1953 and lived for one month. Hattie lived six more years, passing away on September 17, 1959 at her home. Both are buried at the Wood River cemetery.

The family chose to honor John and Hattie through the Founder's Fund. Income from the Fund will be available each year for grants for the Wood River area.